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The Web's Too Big

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How many times a day do you use a standard, popular, universally-known search engine to find information on the web? And how much time do you spend wading through the results, looking for something that actually fits what you were looking for?

Does that sound familiar? If so, join the club - the same thing used to drive us mad too.

the answer - vertical search

Here at The Web's Too Big we believe that we've found the answer to wasting time with traditional, all-encompassing search engines. By taking an industry, and then building our own unique search technologies onto it, we can provide you with a search engine that only searches relevant sites. And that means you're half-way there before you've even started your search. It's called "vertical search", and you'll be hearing a lot more about it - many internet experts (including us) think that vertical search is the next big thing.

and there's more...

To speed things up even more, we also have a direct enquiry facility. This allows you to send a request for information or quotes to leading companies in the industry you're searching, without ever having to leave the front-page of our site. So gone are the days of having to visit lots of different companies' websites to send each of them the same enquiry. Now you can do it all in one place. We can't make life much easier than that.






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