What We Do

The web's too big - it's time for some focus:

vertical search

The Web's Too Big is a new approach to search, inspired by the sheer size of the web and the problems that creates - it's just too big for traditional engines to help us find exactly what we need. Our unique search technology provides high quality focus and accuracy for business and consumer searches, taking the familiar qualities of traditional search engines and applying them to popular and significant sections of the web.

The result? A new level of search quality and an end to blanket-search.

Our search technologies are developed and built by our own development team from top to bottom. They're designed to provide a service to users and customers in equal measure, so while our search concept is totally free and impartial, our engines also deliver strong business development capabilities and marketing opportunities.

direct enquiries

On top of our vertical search technology, we've also added a front-page direct enquiry service. This allows our site users to enter their request for information or quotes on a single form, and then send that enquiry to one, some or all of a list of up to eight leading companies in the chosen industry. The selected companies can then contact the user directly to respond to the enquiry, without the user having to do anything else.

The benefits for both users and businesses are clear. The users can save themselves a great deal of time and effort by entering their enquiry once, and then sending it to a range of leading companies. There's no need to spend hours or days hunting around different company sites any more - we've done all the leg-work. For the businesses listed in the direct enquiry area, we will deliver high quality leads from people who want to do business.